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Longfellow Serenade Lyrics

Longfellow Serenade lyrics were inspired by the 19th-century American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Neil Diamond chose to reference Longfellow specifically after recalling an instance in which, while in his teens, he had used one of the poet’s works to successfully seduce a significantly older woman. Enjoy This Video of Longfellow Serenade Lyrics by Neil Diamond […]

Solitary Man Lyrics

Initially released in April 1966, Solitary Man lyrics and music was Neil Diamond’s debut single as a recording artist. The song lyrics describe the disappointment and resolutions associated with young romantic failure. However, the song has also been used to describe Neil Diamond himself . . . . . Enjoy This Video of Solitary Man […]

Cracklin’ Rosie Lyrics

Cracklin’ Rosie lyrics and music were written and recorded by Neil Diamond in 1970. Married to a catchy and dynamic melody and arrangement, at first glance, once could be forgiven for believing that the lyrics suggest some a devotion to a lady of the night. However . . . . . Enjoy This Video of […]

Girl You’ll Be a Woman Soon Lyrics

Girl You’ll Be a Woman Soon lyrics and music, are about a boy who is in love with a girl, who others consider to be above his class. He is appealing to this young girl on the basis that she’ll soon come of age and be able to make her own decisions. Enjoy This Video […]

Song Sung Blue Lyrics

Song Sung Blue lyrics and music was nominated for two Grammy Awards in 1973, Record of the Year and Song of the Year. Neil Diamond described it as a “very basic message, unadorned. I didn’t even write a bridge to it. I never expected anyone to react to “Song Sung Blue” the way they did. […]

Play Me Lyrics

Play me lyrics and melody are one of those all time favourites from the ’70’s by singer songwriter Neil Diamond. The song is particularly favored by women, who have swooned at his concerts and cried out “Play Me, Play Me”. Enjoy This Video of Play Me Lyrics Lyrics are Under the Video So Sing Along, […]

I Am I Said Lyrics

I Am I Said lyrics were written by Neil Diamond at a time in his life where he was experiencing some very personal moments. It also has a dark side to it, which you can read about in the “background facts” below the lyrics. It’s a song about someone who lives in one place but […]

Sweet Caroline Lyrics

“Sweet Caroline” is one of those enduring songs which many of today’s “baby boomers” remember from their childhood or teenage years. Perhaps just hearing it brings back a memory for you? Please enjoy this video and the Sweet Caroline lyrics below it. If you’re interested, take a look at some of the background facts to […]