I Am a Clown Lyrics

“I Am a Clown” lyrics are about someone who is in love but doesn’t feel confident that the one they’re in love with, feels the same way about them. They are afraid to be themselves; to show their human side … afraid that if the object of their love saw his or her faults, they would not want to be with them anymore. So they cannot be true to themselves. Their life is an act. Cool lines and things designed to impress, are part of the show. I first heard this song on the radio when I was a teenager and it meant something to me. I felt sorry for the singer and yet, at the same time, could identify with him.

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I Am a Clown Lyrics

See the funny little clown, see the puppet on a string
Wind him up, he’ll sing, give him candy and he’ll dance
But be certain not to feel that his funny face is real

Step right up and see him folks, couldn’t you die at all his jokes
Couldn’t you cry at all the tricks, he’ll come up with in a fix
But be certain not to stray ’cause he’ll steal your heart away

I am a clown, I am a clown, clown
You’ll always see me smile, you’ll never see me frown
Sometimes my scenes are good, sometimes they’re bad
Not funny, ha-ha, funny sad

I am a clown, look at the clown, clown
Always a laughing face whenever you’re around
Always the same routine, I never change
Not funny, ho-ho, funny strange

Sometimes I think the world is all a circus town
Sometimes I feel like I belong in a sideshow
Man on the flying trapeze, he ain’t never comin’ down
He knows what I know, if you look inside
If I didn’t hide, you might decide you don’t want me.

I am a clown, that’s right I’m a clown, clown
Just like the fool on the hill beggin’ to come down
I want to live again, oh, I want to feel
Tell me you love me, make me real
Tell me you love me, make me real
Tell me you love me, make me real

See the funny little clown, see the puppet on a string
Wind him up and he will sing, give him candy, he will dance
But be certain not to feel if his funny face is real.

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  1. David Cassidy will be sorely missed so sad to see the man go at such a young age there will be no more music from David Cassidy and it is so sad he had a beautiful voice super good looks and a wonderful actor we will miss you David Cassidy fly hi darling fly high

    1. Tina Kumley Barnes

      David was the super entertainer. He could sing, write, dance, act, and storytell. So gad our world got to experience his performances.

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