Burning Bridges Lyrics

Burning Bridges Lyrics Sung by Pink Floyd

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Bridges burning gladly,
Merging with the shadows,
Flickering between the lines.
Stolen moments floating softly on the air,
Born on wings of fire and climbing higher.
Ancient bonds are breaking,
Moving on and changing sides.
Dreaming of a new day,
Cast aside the other way.
Magic visions stirring,
Kindled by and burning flames rise in her eyes.
The door stands ajar,
The wall that once were high.
Beyond the gilded cage,
Beyond the reach of ties.
The moment is at hand.
She breaks the golden band.

Enjoy This Video of Burning Bridges Lyrics From Their “Dark Side of the Moon” Album

Some Facts About Burning Bridges Lyrics and Their Meaning

“Burning Bridges” is a song from Pink Floyd’s 1972 album Obscured by Clouds. It shares a similar tune to the instrumental “Mudmen” on the same album. It consists of an organ melody written by Richard Wright, with Wright and David Gilmour singing the lyrics by Roger Waters as a duet.

Obscured by Clouds is a vastly underrated album by Pink Floyd, coming as it did between their best album (Meddle) and their most famous (Dark Side of the Moon).

While OBC can’t stand up to either album it is next to, it is still very good, probably fitting in at eigth in the PF catalogue, right behind either The Wall or The Final Cut (both of which I immensely enjoy, if that says anything).

The Meaning of the Song Lyrics

Some have suggested that it could be about dropping the bomb on Hiroshima/Nagasaki.

“I know that people near the explosion vaporized, and you could see where they were standing because they left shadows imprinted on bridges.”

Others have suggested that it’s about a woman who cheats on her husband, and maybe leaves him too.



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