All I See Lyrics Dido

All I See Lyrics Dido – From Girl Who Got Away Album

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All I See by Dido – Lyrics

I thought it was done when I packed my bags and walked into the light
I picked the books I thought I should and closed the door behind
And when I handed back the keys I thought that I was free
No shame, no dirt, no surprises wait for me

I want to believe that where I began is not where I’ll always be
But you’re all I see and I carry you with me
You’re all I see and I carry you with me

Thought it was safe to assume once I locked up the room
That I’d be gone for good but I would be back soon
Memories burned out still I’m smelling the fumes
Melodies turned down still I’m singing the tunes

Like a witch on a broom I wish I could fly fly away
Disappear into the ether find a hideaway
But the memories invade when I lie awake
Can’t hide from yourself is what I’m trying to say

And by the way what would I be without my past
Only find the right number when I doubt my math
Avoid blunders only after I recount my last
Setbacks that don’t kill me just amount to laughs

Anyway if I could turn back the hands of time
Would I change the events or change my mind
Wouldn’t recognise myself without my doubts and fears
Got a feeling all I need is all right here

And you’re all I see and I carry you with me
You’re all I see and I carry you with me

I’ve been told apples don’t fall far from the tree
I hope they’re wrong when they’re talking about me
All I see are the ruins of a plan gone wrong
All I need is a reason to keep on and stay strong

Got a couple old ghosts that won’t leave me alone
Even after moving three thousand miles from home
Thought I shook ’em when I hit Brooklyn wasn’t even looking
But they’re putting their mark on everything I do

Find a few quiet moments and they creep back through
Infiltrated my dreams and held my sleep back too
I don’t know where I could go without them following me
It seems everywhere I look they’re all I see

You’re all I need
You’re all I need
And you’re all I see and I carry you with me
You’re all I see and I carry you with me


┬áSome Facts About All I See Dido and “The Girl Who Got Away” Album

Girl Who Got Away is the fourth studio album by English singer-songwriter Dido, released in Europe on 4 March 2013, and in North America on 26 March 2013 by RCA Records. The album serves as the follow-up to 2008’s Safe Trip Home.

Recording for the album began in 2009 and ended in 2012, taking place at studios in London and California. Dido served as a co-producer for the album and enlisted help from a variety of producers including Jeff Bhasker, Jon Brion, Greg Kurstin, Rick Nowels, Plain Pat, Rollo, among others.

Musically the album is a pop album with elements of Electropop and trip-hop.

“Girl Who Got Away” received generally positive reviews from music critics, who complimented ” folky midtempo melody” and Dido’s vocal performances, while others stated that the album didn’t “break any new ground”. The album commercially fared well; it debuted at number five in the United Kingdom, giving Dido her fourth album to do so.

The album peaked at number two on the Swiss and German album charts and at number thirty two on the US Billboard 200. The album also charted within the top twenty of the Australian, Irish and New Zealand charts.

The album was preceded by the promotional single “Let Us Move On” (featuring Kendrick Lamar), whilst the album’s lead single “No Freedom” was released in January 2013 and charted at number fifty-one on the UK Singles Chart. The second single “End of Night” was released in May 2013, however, the single failed to chart at all in the United Kingdom but did make appearances on the Belgium charts.



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