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This website is dedicated to not just the song lyrics, but also the background stories behind all your favourite songs. Have you ever wondered what is really behind a song? What was the author thinking when he or she wrote the lyrics? Is there an underlying message that is intended? Was there something going on in the singer’s life at the time the song lyrics were written, that influenced or gave birth to, the song?

Welcome to Song Lyrics Today!

If you take a look at the left column, (desktop users) or scroll down for smartphone users, you’ll find a list of artists whose song lyrics are on this site. If you follow a particular artist and want to choose from a list of songs they sing, just click on their name and you will be taken there.

But perhaps there is already a song title that you have in mind and just want to get to it quickly? In that case, you’ll see a search bar at the top right of your screen, above the header. Just type the song title there and if we have it, you’ll be taken to it.

Or maybe you can only remember the lyrics from one particular line of a song, that stands out for you? In that case, just type those lyrics in the search box mentioned above – and if we have the song on here, you’ll be taken directly to it – or at least, to a list of songs that have those words.

You’ll find song lyrics about love, song lyrics about life, song lyrics about friends, song lyrics about courage and many other lyrics that can move or inspire you.

The format of song lyrics today, is as follows:

1. The lyrics to the song

2. A video (if we can find one) where you can listen to the song

3. The background to and/or meaning of, the song lyrics, or the artist, or both

So please feel free to stay and look around and enjoy yourself.